Activities For Alzheimer’s a Better Prescription Than Drugs

A surprising study has found that prescribing activities for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia is more effective than most of the popular drugs currently being used. This has been been one of the core principles behind AlzBetter of Cherry Hill, N.J. The article was published in the February, 17th 2014 New York Times. A driving philosophy of AlzBetter program – individualized activities geared towards the client’s interests is being recognized as an alternative to pharmaceutical intervention for aggressive and challenging behaviors in client’s with dementia.

Professor Laura Gitlin of Johns Hopkin’s University School of Nursing located in Baltimore, Maryland and her team of occupational therapists have found that prescribing activities to people with Alzheimer’s/dementia instead of drugs has produced tremendous results. When custom activities are identified and geared towards the person’s interests, needs and desires it results in a calmer, safer and more engaged client and less stress for the caregiver. The end result is a safer environment for everyone and a higher quality of life without the need for often over prescribed pharmaceuticals.

Custom activities geared towards the client’s own interests, wants and needs that can be done together with a caregiver is one of the major elements of the AlzBetter program. Our detailed intake is engineered to identify these needs and provide foundations for future activities during the initial assessment. The AlzBetter software program then utilizes its various components (stage assessment tool – activity questions – clinical/ADL considerations) and algorithms to produce a daily schedule which includes a daily care plan and customized activity schedule.

AlzBetter is an evidence based turn-key personalized dementia care management program for home care agencies, hospices, assisted living and long term care communities. For more information on the AlzBetter method or information on becoming a licensee please visit the AlzBetter website at

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