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How the AlzBetter training program works

AlzBetter Training is a membership program. Our membership provides you with all the tools you will need in order to prepare your entire staff to meet the basic needs required to care for a person with dementia. This includes the Dementia Foundations program that teaches the fundamentals of good dementia care and also provides access to our Private Forum where your staff can read about numerous topics that have been posted by others or ask their own question where our professional staff along with thousands of other users can help come up with solutions to your difficult problems.

Membership also provides you with the opportunity to purchase our Focused Training packages. These micro-learning lessons utilize the most up-to-date learning techniques and enable your caregivers the ability to go beyond the basics and learn the skills they will need for specific dementia-related behaviors. The skills can be learned in as little as 5 minutes and may include topics such as working with a patient who wanders or is agitated or won’t allow a caregiver into the home etc.

Packages are purchased to offer a specific number of caregivers or clients access to these Focused Training lessons each month. You pay only for the amount of people that will require training on a month-to-month basis.

Below is a chart of what is included in our membership along with the various packages.

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Foundations Program

*Included in Membership

The Foundations Program provides your caregivers with the tools they will need to meet the basic requirements necessary to provide care for a person with dementia. It makes a great starting point to build a solid foundation which can then be expanded with our Targeted Training lessons and certification. The Foundations Program is included for the entire staff of each location at no additional cost.


*Included in Membership

The private AlzBetter forum is for members only and offers users the ability to view questions posted by others or post their own questions.  Topics are answered by the AlzBetter professionals along with thousands of other users. The private Forum is included for the entire staff of each location at no additional cost.


*Included in Membership

Caregivers can prove their competency at the end of each lesson by taking the included quiz. Not only does this prove their understanding of the material, but it also offers an opportunity to earn badges and may count towards CEU credits.


Caregivers can earn the AlzBetter Certification which validates their competence as a dementia practitioner. For more details on this, click here


*Included in Membership

Badges are a great way to help motivate learners and makes the entire process more fun.


*Accessible for members

The AlzBetter at Home guide is an easy to read manual offering excellent information on how to care for a person with dementia in the home setting. Manuals are available for sale to members only.

Live Webinars

*Accessible for members

AlzBetter is well known for the variety of expert dementia educators that we engage. Live webinars allow your staff to attend a live training session via video. In addition to being extremely entertaining, webinars also offer the advantage of live interaction including the asking of questions. Webinars are available at an additional charge to members only.


* Included in membership

The dashboard is the backend of the AlzBetter training program. In our dashboard, administrators can manage their program viewing learners activity and downloading data.


Users are the individuals who utilize the AlzBetter program. Each user is entitled to unlimited access to the recorded video programs offered. This may include office staff, field or floor staff or patient’s family members. Every month the number of users is refreshed back to zero to enable new users to join or previous users to re-join.

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