Boss’s Day and Dementia

Who wants to be the boss? Well now, to be honest, most of us don’t want someone else telling us what to do. We want to be the boss of our self! No matter what our age or what our challenge, there are those of us who want to feel like we are in control.

This is true for the majority of people I’ve met and worked with, including those individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Why not take charge today…of yourself? Will you challenge yourself to change your attitude, approach, and communication choices? When spending time with a person with cognitive impairment, it may take less time to do the task yourself, but how do you think it makes that person feel?

It’s important for each of us to feel a sense of belonging. We need to have a purpose to get up each day. At every opportunity, ask the individual with dementia for their help. Give them that reason to feel productive and useful.

Most people, even those who tend to be resistant to care, are more inclined to say yes to provide someone else with assistance, then to accepting it for themselves. It’s possible to find a way to make someone else feel needed, just by asking instead of offering.

When you do receive the help from the person you are caring for, be sure to say thank you. We all enjoy feeling valued and appreciated.

Let’s each feel responsible for who we are and what we accomplish. Any if you are a supervisor, we celebrate you too.  Happy Boss’s Day to you and keep up the great job!


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