Client Spitting

I am seeking advice on a new client behavior. As of late, she has started frequent spitting both during meals and randomly. The client will spit into napkins, on people and in air. She also seems to root with her tongue similar to infant/toddler stages and possibly be intolerant to certain food textures.

Would you happen to have any literature regarding this behavior form a dementia perspective? Could this behavior be correlated to her mental decline?

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  1. It could just be the progression of the disease and will pass, or it could be another issue. Possibly have her checked out by a dentist to see if she has a problem with her tooth. Also, maybe consider a referral to have an OT take a look. Also, you may want to consider an ENT to make sure she does not have sinus drainage. Using your medical background, try to think about any possible reasons that a person would have issues with their mouth or throat and then try to rule out those issues.

    One last consideration with spitting. There is a possibility is that something may be causing her to salivate too much. Is she taking Aricept or Risperidone? Both these medications, coupled with trouble swallowing, can cause buildup of saliva in the mouth. Possibly check with a ST to evaluate.