Father is nasty

Hello, my father has had an aggressive personality all of his life. His aggression has gotten worse since being diagnosed with Dementia. He verbally attacks me, thinks I am out to get him and sometimes he even tries to hit me, something he normally wouldn’t do.

How do I cope with his behavior and do I try to differentiate if it’s because of “who he is” or the disease? Any insight would be appreciated!

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  1. Paul, this can be difficult. I think it is important to remember that the disease can cause many of these behavior issues such as paranoia. Learn as much as possible by watching the AlzBetter videos and using the Problems and Solutions to figure out if there are any underlying root causes.

    Try to remember that he has a disease. Also, try to be as understanding as possible. Many times there are reasons that a person is nasty, even if they don’t have dementia. There may have been reasons for his behavior based on his upbringing as an example as possible, so be as understanding as possible.

    Maybe you can use this as a reason to learn more about his past and possibly it can help you become closer. Try to stay positive.