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  • shannona

    June 12, 2020 at 1:56 pm

    On a personal level, we had a very challenging time with our own dad refusing to give up driving and access to his car(s). He was a mechanic by trade and loved to tinker on his cars. It became very apparent that he was no longer driving safely. Talking to Dad about his risk to himself and others helped very little as he continued to proclaim “his driving was fine.”

    We approached the issue by having his heart physician write a letter to DMV stating that Dad should be required to have a driving, visual and written test and recommend to temporarily suspend his license. This was small town Idaho so we had a helpful office manager who knew Dad well and was happy to help. We helped with the language.

    Dad was furious when he received the letter and refused to comply, initially, but seemed to take it better from his physician than from his kids. He did understood and accepted that he could be arrested if he was stopped while driving. THAT seemed to be our inroad and finally, a redirect.

    The argument at least was redirected from being the car issue and our dad’s anger was redirected from us to his doctor and the DMV. Dad did quickly agree to take the written and visual test and failed both. He would still bring it up at every opportunity for the short term and we directed him to call the DMV and provided the number. He never called and the conversations dwindled.

    It might be worth a shot assuming the client would struggle with the written test as the visual/driving test as well.