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  • dmeles

    December 23, 2022 at 10:25 am

    It is not uncommon to be seeing a progression in the Dementia such as you are describing, but in some cases there can also be a medical change that could explain some of the increased behaviors you are seeing. Please make sure you have consulted with her physician to make sure there is nothing medically going on to attribute to these changes.

    It is extremely important to ensure the home is safe for her. You may have to consider unplugging the stove or purchasing oven safety knobs to prevent her from operating the stove without assistance. With her unplugging the phone, it could be the tone of the phone bothers her (i.e., too loud) or she has forgotten how to operate the phone and is frustrated. Consider checking the volume on the phone and if the ring tone is appropriate, they do sell baby proof covers for phone jacks that may prevent her from pulling the plug out.

    Patients living with Dementia do thrive on routine. If a consistent regular schedule could be arraigned for her she may have fewer feelings of being “lost.” Also have a box full of favorite activities such as coloring, newspapers, puzzles, etc. may also help her feel less agitated.

    Other options for mom that you may want to consider is having an home health aide or companion to stay with her during the daytime that can keep her to an established routine, or enroll her in an adult day program where they specialize in working with patient who are living with Dementia.