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Foundation 1: Overview of Dementia 9/2020

Foundation 1: Overview of Dementia 9/2020


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Gary Skole

Lesson 1 - Introduction

Foundation Program Course Content

As Walt explained above, we will cover the following topics in this Foundation Program:
  • General information about dementia and how it affects a person

  • Specifics about some of most common types of dementia

  • How to care for the family as well as the patient.

  • How to communicate with a person with dementia

  • How to approach a person properly and gain control over situations

  • How to plan appropriate activities based on the stage of the disease

  • How to identify triggers and work with some of the more challenging situations

  • The importance of tracking and monitoring

Lesson 2 – Dementia Overview
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Dementia Overview

Gary Skole

Can you tell
from physical
which person
has dementia?

While you can't tell whether someone has dementia by their appearance, you can easily tell by the condition of their brain. As this image shows, a brain with Alzheimer’s looks very different than a normal, healthy one.

What clues could lead us to the cause of incontinence?

Click on the interactive hot-spots to understand the scene.

When a person living with dementia experiences changes in the ability to communicate, you need to look at all possible reasons to why particular behaviors are happening. The more observant you are, the better the chances that you will be able to successfully assist the person in living the best life possible.

Now let’s review the parts of the brain.

Click on the interactive hot-spots to understand the scene.

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