How can I get grandma to eat healthy?

My grandma has dementia and I am her sole caretaker. She says she is not hungry and she has been losing some weight. What’s alarming me is when she DOES eat, its nothing but JUNK! Ice cream, chocolate, chips, etc.

Can you please give me some advice on how to get her to eat healthy sustaining meals as opposed to snack foods? Thank you!

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  1. A few clarifying questions:

    1) Did she eat healthy when she was younger? If not, it may be hard to get her to start now.

    2) Are there foods that can be substituted which may be healthier?

    3) Have you tried shopping at some natural food stores as they may have products which are sweetened with more natural, low glycemic sweeteners such as Stevia, Monk Fruit or Allulose.

    4) Do you have time to cook for her using some healthier substitutes?

  2. Aman, getting a person with dementia to eat well can be a challenge. You may want to try things like fruit as it appears she likes things that are sweet. You can also gry freezing some REAL fruit juice (that does not have extra sugar) and making popsicles.

    Also, watch the videos on eating and drinking as they have tips on how to get her to eat that may be helpful