Incessant Phone Calling

My mother calls me and my brother constantly, we are talking about a dozen calls per day. She gets very upset if we do not answer and begins to worry and call even more.

It is driving us crazy

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  1. HI Mitch,

    You may want to try placing a note by the phone letting your mother know that you are OK and will call her soon. Also, make sure that you do call regularly. If she does keep calling you, don’t sound angry or frustrated, although I know this can be hard.

  2. It sounds like your mother may be having some issues with feeling insecure. She probably does not remember that she has called recently so I think that the advice given by Theresa was very good, try not to sound upset. Possibly you can try to figure out why she is feeling concerned or insecure. Try asking her if everything is OK. Possibly having her get involved with some additional activities during the day where she is around other people where she can socialize may be helpful. Have you considered adult day care, hiring a companion from a home care service or contacting her religious group (If she has one) or a volunteer organization to send someone to her house to keep her company?

  3. She may also be bored. It may be a good idea to get her involved with more activities both to keep her occupied but also to help her get rid of some energy (tire her out). Daycare, home care, volunteers as well as family activities can all help.