Learn how SmartSourcing helps your agency grow in a whole new way

Smartsourcing allows organizations to focus their precious resources on what they do best in order to master their core competencies. When agencies do not have efficient processes and well-managed core competencies, nothing else will ever work. But, they also need partners who can continue to innovate on the non-core processes that they outsource.

Traditional outsourcing simply hires outside contractors to perform a certain function within the business. Like outsourcing,  smartsourcing also brings in outside contractors, but with the purpose of bringing on expertise to work as part of the team while simultaneously helping companies to build on their core competencies. 

To see how this works within the AlzBetter smartsourcing model, our program allows agencies to pay their caregivers a higher wage, which helps the core competency of recruiting and retention. It provides a unique form of training that allows the agency to improve its core competency of training caregivers. It also creates a unique selling point which enhances the agency’s core competency of sales and marketing.

Agencies can continue to do what they are already good at, only better.

Additionally, the AlzBetter’s coaching program enables the agency to manage an area outside of the their core competency, dementia care management. This is a core competency of AlzBetter and a perfect complement to what the agency already does well.

As you can see by this example, the ideal smartsourcing model fills gaps that are currently present while enhancing areas of the business vital to operations and success.