AlzBetter Staff Command Center

Send our comprehensive Cognitive Assessment to primary Care Partners of prospective clients before your scheduled intake assessment. Any answers provided will seamlessly populate any relevant fields of the Cognitive Plan of Care.

Complete and share our proprietary Cognitive Plan of Care with Care Partners and other members of your client’s care team to keep everyone in the loop.

Send targeted micro lessons to staff, volunteers and Care Partners for on-demand education & support.

Share no-cost access to the AlzBetter app with staff, volunteers, Care Partners and individuals living with dementia.

Reference our Family Manual to support Care Partners with specific text and instructions. 

Complete our Lifestyle Assessment to add detail to your existing Plan of Care.

Use our Root Cause Identification Journal with Care Partners to hone in on specific triggers and provide customized redirection strategies. Downloadable for easy placement into physical care binders at client’s residence.

Encountering a tough client situation? Review our Clinical Dementia Specialist Manual for immediate support! 

AlzBetter Best Practice

View this brief video on how to empower your team to provide thorough intakes and instantly train staff before the start of care.

Access our Team

Whether it’s a tough case or a challenge using our systems and tools, a member of our team is standing by, happy to assist! 

Use our Actionable Education

Access course curriculum assigned by your organization here. 


We delight in your success!

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