The Importance of Exploration and Dementia

Exploring isn’t just for Christopher Columbus. If you care partner with an individual with Alzheimer’s disease or some form of dementia, exploring should be a skill you seek to develop.

It’s not uncommon for those we serve to exhibit undesirable behaviors. Decreases in one’s communication skills, lesser abilities, and increased confusion may all lead to frustration, irritability, agitation, and even aggression.

Often we consider that problematic behaviors are part of the disease process and we can’t change them. When we realize that there is usually a trigger behind each behavior we can begin to do something to change the environment, our approach and the way in which we communicate.

Exploring the meaning behind the emotion displayed is an objective to take on. Making discoveries as to the reason, we can begin to reduce the cause that is generating a particular action. Once identified, work to reduce the trigger and the behavior can then be diminished.

Go exploring and find wonderful discoveries enabling you to focus on what remains, rather than what has been lost.


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