National Day of Encouragement, September 12th

Memory Loss. Forgetfulness. Alzheimer’s disease.

Caring for someone with dementia takes more than understanding and patience, although those are two important qualities. While gaining knowledge and experience to help us learn how to respond, rather than react, couldn’t we all use encouragement? This is especially true for those living in a world that no longer makes sense.

Did you know that today is National Day of Encouragement?

Go ahead reach your hand to your shoulder and give yourself a pat on the back. Look in the mirror and give yourselves a thumbs up. Whether you are a professional care partner or a family care giver, you are tasked with creating a day full of meaning and enjoyment, safety and security. You are a constant source of encouragement for that individual who lives in uncertainty.

Maybe the person you provide care for is no longer able to express their needs. Whether it is a basic need, such as hunger, thirst, discomfort or using the bathroom or an emotional need, such as being scared, feeling lonely, or needing love, it is imperative to uncover that need and tend to it. Offering reassurance may be just what is necessary.

There is power in telling someone, “I’m here with you, and we’re going to do this together.” This type of reinforcement can be a great source of comfort to someone with increased confusing, and who may be searching for something or someone that is familiar.

To all those who bring cheer and praise to others, thank you for your reassurance. Your compassionate nature, and your supportive nurture, can be the difference between existing for another day and living another day filled with meaning.

It’s all in the approach, communication, and attitude you choose.   Thank you for being an encourager! I applaud each of you for doing the best job you can with what you know and what you have. If you are seeking more information, knowledge, or encouragement for you and a loved one, please visit or call 856-281-1200.

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