Wife is crying all the time

I am working with a family where the husband is very caring and doing a great job. He is concerned that his wife is hallucinating and also crying quite often. The hallucinations he is OK with but the crying is getting him upset. She has not had a history of depression, but he feels she is depressed. My suggestions were as follows:
1) Get in touch with a geriatric psychiatrist who understands dementia
2) Look at things from her perspective. The world is getting confusing and communication is becoming difficult. That is enough to make a person cry. Be understanding, supportive, and loving. Let her know that you understand that this is tough, or that she may be scared, etc. Hold her hand or rub her back and let her know that you are there for her.
3) Try to incorporate more activities into her day that she used to enjoy, even if you need to modify them.
4) Play music that she liked. If she is able, try to get her to dance. If not, just enjoy the music together
5) Consider aromatherapy, pet therapy, etc.
6) Have there been any medication changes?
7) It could be the disease progressing

Please let me know if I missed anything or if you have had similar experiences and how you handled them

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